Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy Marriage CounselingCouples meet in a private therapeutic setting to discuss their relationship issues with trained clinicians. Couples or marriage counseling provides support to two individuals striving to create a strong intimate relationship. At its most basic, couples therapy promotes personal growth through mutual growth.

When a couple’s relationship is in distress, negative habits and poor relationship patterns emerge as ineffective coping strategies. Often, one or both members reach a point where they can no longer tolerate how they are feeling and turn to therapy for assistance. We understand the challenges couples face today in co-creating a relationship that meets each others’ needs and believe in the helpfulness couples counseling can provide when you and your partner are in distress.

The therapeutic relationship in couples counseling is based on the therapists’ treatment of your relationship. Your therapist supports each of you in a process of exploration to gain wisdom about the patterns of emotions and behaviors that get in the way of creating a healthy connection.

Our therapists understand that couples, like individuals, present their own unique perspectives and issues. Our therapists support and work with people who are in relationships regardless of sexual orientation or relationship configuration.

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