Adolescent Therapy

Teen Therapy CounselingThe teen years are some of the most difficult for both the adolescent and their parents/guardians. They are a time of transition where an adolescent’s focus moves from the influence of the parents/guardians to the influence of their peers. At this stage, adolescents begin to form the identity that will define them for a lifetime. They often see themselves as equal or more physically and emotionally grown up as the adults around them. Some will act out and test boundaries while others retreat into themselves in response to the pressures that come with growing into adulthood. Though adolescents often want to be treated like adults, adolescent therapy and adult therapy are not the same.

The relationship between the therapist and the adolescent is somewhat unique in that the parents/guardians provide consent and payment for services but the adolescent holds most of the confidentiality. Confidentiality between the therapist and the adolescent plays a primary part of the therapy in order for the adolescent to trust the therapist enough to speak about their problems. At the therapist’s discretion, the parents/guardians are typically involved in the first session, with the adolescent, so the therapist can better understand the concerns for the adolescent and thereafter in collateral sessions which may or may not include the presence of the adolescent. Either way, the most important people in an adolescent’s life are the one’s who care for them, and we believe your input is an important part of your adolescent’s health and happiness.

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